The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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Before we do anything, it's our number one priority to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable. Our consultation is all about understanding your needs and what you're looking to achieve. Two of our experts will analyse your hair and advise the best steps forward to achieve the finish that you want.

Brazilian Keratin Consultation

Luxurious Wash

We use a very high quality shampoo to ensure your hair is as clean as possible. We do this so the hair can really soak up the keratin.

Brazilian Keratin Wash

Bone Dry Hair.

After washing your hair 2-3 times, we bring you back over to the chair to dry off. We dry your hair until it's 100% bone dry. Doing it this way allows your hair to absorb as much product as possible which is essentially what will give us the best results.

Brazilian Keratin Drying Process

Applying The Product.

We use only the finest Brazilian keratin products available. We make sure that every inch of your head is completely covered as it's extremely important to make sure everywhere is covered. We're not here to save product, we're here to make you happy.

Brazilian Keratin Application

Second Dry.

We do dry the hair again after applying the product. Here's where we need to make sure your hair is 100% bone dry again, before we're able to begin the straightening process. This is yet another crucial part of the brazilian keratin process.

Brazilian Keratin Drying Process

The Straightening Process

When straightening your hair we sometimes use different techniques depending on what's been advised during the consultation. We'll often use multiple straighteners to achieve the desired result. Once we've straightened both the roots and the length, we finish off the process with some natural hair product to make your hair extra smooth and shiny.

Brazilian Keratin Straightening Process

What types of Hair Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be done?

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be performed on all types of chemically-treated hair (bleached, highlighted, coloured, permed, relaxed or previously straightened) as well as on natural hair.

What can you expect from Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Depending on hair type and frequency of washing, results last between 2 and 4 months. Some clients claim that the treatment has lasted 6 months.You will immediately see the quality of your hair dramatically increased following the treatment.

Can you do the treatment over a Japanese Straightener?

Yes, you can do the treatment over any kind of straightener. We recommend waiting two 

Is this treatment a relaxer?

No, it’s a treatment based on Keratin and Collagen that naturally softens, shines, smoothes,
eliminates frizz and gives instant manageability.

Can you do this treatment after colouring?

Yes, we recommend immediately after you colour your hair.

Can you do the treatment on top of relaxed hair?

Yes, you can do the treatment over any previously relaxed hair. Sodium Hydroxide Thio
chemical, etc, but only after two weeks.

Can you do the treatment on previously chemically treated hair?

Yes, this treatment can be done on any previously chemically treated hair.

Can you do the treatment on highlighted hair?

Yes, you can do highlights and this treatment immediately after.

Can you do the treatment on virgin hair?

Yes, it can be done on virgin hair.

Can I colour my hair after the treatment?

Yes, we recommend you colour the hair first and immediately follow up with the Brazilian 
Blow Dry. Or we recommend colouring your hair two weeks after you have done the 

Can I shampoo my hair after the treatment?

Nowadays, most products in the market are made so the hair can be washed straight after 
treatment, but with experience we came to the conclusion that if the hair is washed only 
after two or three days the results last around two to three weeks more.

Can I wear a ponytail or tie my hair?

Yes but only after four days. During the first four days, do not put your hair behind your ears, 
put glasses on your head or use hair grips/clamps.

What should I do if my hair gets wet during the first four days?

Blow-dry immediately and use ceramic straighteners if necessary.

Can I go into the pool or ocean after my treatment?

Yes, but only after four days.

How long will the treatment stay on my hair?

Firstly it will depend on the texture of the hair (curly, frizzy, damaged, etc). Secondly if the 
hair will be exposed to untypical conditions as sea water, swimming pools, extreme sun 
exposure and last how often the hair is washed. It works in a similar way to the “semi-
permanent colour”.

What shampoo can I use after the treatment?

We recommend shampoo which does not contain Sodium Chloride (salt).

Do I have to touch up on my next visit or the whole head?

Yes, the entire head from roots to head.

When should I have the treatment done again?

Two to three months, or as needed.

Can I do the treatment every month?


Shall I cut my hair before the treatment?

Yes, if you are changing your style but not if you do need a trim only.

Can I use my hair spray, gel, mousse, or any other hair products on my hair during the four day period?

No as it may interfere with results.

If I get any ridges in my hair when I sleep, what should I do?

Use either a blow dryer or ceramic straightener to straighten the ridge in the hair.

Can I do the treatment while pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend having done during pregnancy or nursing.

Can an infant be present while the treatment is being done?

We do not recommend the presence of infants whilst doing the treatment.

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